2-Tages BAT-Seminar mit Grisha Stewart
„Empowered Socialization : BAT for Dog Aggression,Frustration, and Fear“ am 19./20.Oktober 2019 in Berlin

(Übersetzung der Inhalte vor Ort ins Deutsche wird organisiert!)

Fighting is expensive for dogs. Instead of jumping directly into fighting, most dogs give distance-increasing signals, from subtle to overt. But many dogs have also learned to give up on the subtle signals and leap straight to showing big aggressive displays, fighting, or fleeing in panic.

When dealing with aggression, fear, or frustration, BAT builds social skills, confidence around the trigger, and trust in the handler. While food or other rewards are used with BAT in certain situations, the main focus of BAT is on giving the dog maximal control in the desensitization process without interference from the handler. This technique is subtle, yet powerful, and should definitely go into your training toolbox.

This presentation will show many video clips with case studies using a variety of BAT set-ups, as well as videos of how to deal with problems that crop up, practical hands-on work for your own leash skills, and how to use BAT with other behavior modification techniques. We will discuss the science behind BAT and similar techniques, the reasons and ways that BAT is kept low-stress, how to get volunteers for set-ups, how to use BAT ‘undercover’ in the real world, how BAT compares to other methods, and more. You’ll also get some hands-on practice via roleplaying with leash handling techniques that are essential for BAT.

Wo: Landgasthof Krumme Linde
Dorfstr. 5 , 16540 Hohen Neuendorf/OT Stolpe-Dorf
Wann: 19./20.10.2019 von 10-17 Uhr


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